claire liparulo


Claire Liparulo is a diverse and dynamic Southwest Florida-based performer.


Imagine the sultry smoothness of Fleetwood Mac melded with the soulful command of Aretha Franklin, woven together by the romantic lover's croon of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon."


Her original music is inspired by artists such as Lucinda Williams, Jason Isbell, Joni Mitchell, and Chris Stapleton.

Claire's heavily anticipated solo record, which highlights her soulfully expressive vocal style, includes players from Muscle Shoals and Nashville, is set for release later this year. 

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The Cost

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The Freecoasters


Release Date: March 12, 2021

Genres:  Reggae, Ska, Soul

Producer:  Jesse Wagner (The Aggrolites)

Label:  Jump Up Records

The state of Florida is an estuary of sorts, of both climate and culture: a place where the freshwater-deep-South diffuses seamlessly in to the saltwater-sub-tropics.

And so it's only natural that this estuary of mangroves and mudflats would be the birthplace of The Freecoasters, a band who seamlessly diffuse the rhythm-and-blues musical traditions of the swampy American South in to the steamy, sun-drenched, tropical rhythms of Jamaican rocksteady and reggae.

The Freecoasters second full-length studio album “A Different Kind of Heat” is anchored by this intoxicating blend of musical styles. But across its 12 tracks, the driving rhythms and sparkling melodies are revealed to be but the scaffold upon which vivid lyrical imagery, sophisticated sonics and mature songwriting are built.

The sum of these elements is a sound that is vibrant and alive; familiar, but entirely new. Captured here is a band bringing the heat. And shouldn’t they? Because, sure, in the summertime it gets hot everywhere. But down there in Florida, the heat is just a little different.